Pitaya Cashew Cream with Homemade Chocolate Granola. Vegan recipe.


Enjoy this delicious and healthy Balinese-style breakfast. Pitaya season is in full swing now in Bali.

Pitaya is also known as dragon fruit, or naga buah (Bahasa Indonesia) a tropical fruit native of Central America, this is the fruit of a huge cactus, which has become very popular in the South – East Asia. Pitaya surprisingly is rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin C strengthens the immune system. Contains only 60 calories per 100 grams of fruit.

Pitaya cashew cream with chocolate granola

Recipe by Leno RegushCourse: Breakfast, DessertCuisine: ModernDifficulty: Easy


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Enjoy this delicious and healthy Balinese-style breakfast. Pitaya season is in full swing now in Bali.


  • two dragon fruits

  • 4 Tbsp raw cashew nuts

  • 2 Tbsp maple syrup

  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • fresh strawberry for topping

  • For chocolate granola:
  • 1 cup old fashioned rolled oats 

  • a handful of raisins

  • a handful of raw peanuts

  • 2 Tbsp cacao powder

  • 2 Tbsp maple syrup 

  • 1/2 cup desiccated coconut or coconut chips

  • a pinch of sea salt

  • a splash of coconut oil 


  • Method for chocolate granola:
    Preheat oven up to 100C.
    In a medium sized mixing bowl stir together rolled oats, coconut, raisins, crushed peanuts, cacao powder, salt, and maple syrup. Add a splash of coconut oil and mix well. The texture of granola should be something like wet sand and allows it to form together slightly. Cover a baking tray with a baking paper, spread the granola mixture evenly on the baking tray. Bake granola with the door ajar at a temperature of 100C around 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    The granola is ready when it is no longer damp but slightly chewy. Remove the granola from the oven and cool on the baking sheet. It will continue to dry as it cools. Mix the cooled granola with coconut chips then transfer it to an airtight container, where it can be stored at room temperature for up to 10 days.
    Keep granola with desiccant for a crispy taste.
  • Method for cashew cream:
    Soak fresh cashews in drinking water for a few hours or overnight. Cut the dragon fruit in half and spoon to remove almost all of the pulp, leaving a thin layer. Transfer the pulp of the dragon fruit in a blender with soaked (washed and rinsed) cashews, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Add a little water if the mix is too dry.
    Pour the cashew cream in the dragon cups, sprinkle with chocolate granola and top with a sliced fresh strawberries. Enjoy!

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