Rustic Tomato Toast Video Recipe.

Simple pleasures. What can be better than summer ripe tomato on rustic garlic toast? Delicious! With a simple toast like this one, you want to use the best ingredients available to you👌

  • Bread. Please, never try to repeat this recipe using spongy bread from the supermarket. Only fresh crusty sourdough bread. Not easy to find, but you can make your own. A few years ago I created a video how to make sourdough bread from scratch. This video became very popular and connected people from all over the world who like good quality bread.
  • Tomato🍅 Summer Heirloom or acid-free ripe tomato is the best. Check your nearest farmers market.
  • Olive oil. I prefer an extra virgin olive oil with a stronger flavour, best for rustic bread and tomato. My choice is Ti Kouka estate olive oil (New Zealand).
  • Gourmet salt. This distinctive salt promises a flawless finishing touch to your meal. With a pop of salty flavor up front, they enhance all of the nuances of the food without overpowering. My choice is Maldon flakes or fleur de sel.
  • New season garlic and fresh basil leaves are very welcome here.

Bon appetite!


Check the video and join our sourdough bread lovers club.





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