Balinese (Asian) Fruit Guide


Wonderful Balinese fruits

Pink guava ( jambu biji merah) is a sweet and sour tropical fruit with notes of wild strawberry. A big glass of fresh guava smoothie feels like morning on strawberry field. Choose the fruits with yellow-green skin, soft flesh and strong aroma that fills a fruit market. Guava has hard seeds, that can be removed from your smoothie using a strainer.


Sapodilla (sawo – Indonesia, chiku – India) looks like a potato and has a taste between super sweet persimmon and ripe pear.  Ripe sapodilla has a soft juicy flesh with few seeds. This fruit is commonly used to prepare smoothie and juice.


Tamarillo (terong belanda) looks like tomato and has fantastic taste from sour to super sweet. Sour taste is very rare for Balinese fruits. How to identify that tamarillo is ripe? It has dark red skin. The flesh should be firm, but slightly soft. Tamarillo is great in chutneys, dips, sauces and desserts or just raw in salads. The fruit is extremely rich in vitamin C.


Sugar-apple (srikaya), also known as custard apple. The fruit looks like artichoke, has sweet creamy flesh.

If you take ripe sugar-apple on your hand, it can split and fall apart into many small segments with seeds. Sugar Apples are mostly used for fresh-eating. Rich in vitamins.



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