30 Citrus recipes with lemon, orange, yuzu, mandarin, tangelo and lime.

  1. Light and Fluffy Lemon Ricotta Waffles with Poppy Seeds.

These lemon ricotta waffles are fluffy and tender with the delicate crunch of poppy seeds. There is no better dessert than tasty waffles drizzled with honey and lemon juice. Get the recipe here.

2. Blood orange crepes Suzette.

Retro classic with a little twist. 
Crepes Suzette is a famous French dessert, crepe soaked in the orange-infused butter sauce and later flambéed. You can make this amazing dessert in your kitchen. The recipe you can find here.

3. Easy homemade labneh cheese with De Winkel Yoghurt, honey, orange blossom water, pistachios and macerated mandarins.

Serve it as a dip on a cheese platter. Or as a killer dessert for breakfast, rich in protein and vitamin C. It’s great on bagels, toast, or crackers as well. Get the recipe here.

4. Balinese Style Banana Pancake with coconut and lime. GF recipe.

The recipe inspired by Balinese famous breakfast. Large banana pancakes with a tropical twist. Caramelized banana, freshly grated coconut, refreshing lime juice and fragrant coconut sugar, such a familiar combination which bring you back to the Island of Gods. Get the recipe here.

5. Moroccan preserved lemons.

I use a lot of preserved lemons in my kitchen, especially in wintertime, this is an easy way to add a zesty flavour and umami to any dish such as chicken or lamb tagine, winter stews or soups, salad, couscous, sauces,  vegetarian recipes, rice, ricotta spread or chicken marinade. Get the recipe here.

6. Ricotta, Preserved Lemon, and Zucchini Sourdough Toast.

Fresh and nice summer toast with a twist will be a great breakfast or lunch. Preserved lemons are simply a wonderful ingredient to add amazing flavour to many dishes. They add a huge punch of citrus and umami flavour that ordinary lemons can’t match. Get the recipe here.

7. Smoked Salmon Blinis with Lemon Sauce.

A twist on the traditional smoked salmon blinis, this delicate canape with zingy lemon sauce will really add a wow factor to your party this season. 

While you could go pick up blinis at the supermarket, it’s time to make them yourself. The blinis are best served right from the pan. These soft, pillowy buckwheat blinis are easy to make at home. Grab the recipe here.

8. Beetroot, Chèvre Cheese and Radicchio Salad with Tangelo Vinaigrette.

Sweet and earthy beets team up with crunchy toasted walnuts and creamy goat cheese to make a perfect salad for a lunch or side dish. Get the recipe here.

9. Lemon Chicken Avocado Salad.

This easy healthy rosemary chicken salad with anchovy lemon kale, creamy avocado, and chewy wheat berries is the perfect easy meal made in under 30 minutes. Grab the recipe here.

10. Aperol and Blood Orange Panna Cotta.

Impress your family and friends with this easy, but absolutely delicious dessert with Aperol. Ultra creamy vanilla Panna Cotta topped with a layer of bitter-sweet, tangy and deeply citrusy blood orange Aperol jelly. The results, needless to say, will melt in your mouth. Grab the recipe here.

11. Italian Orange Plum Almond Cake.

Super moist and fluffy plum cake with a crunchy almond top. This recipe is a quick, easy, and most importantly – delicious! Get the recipe here.

12. Black Bun Salmon Burger with lemon sauce.

These fish burgers are really really good! Nothing beats homemade. A truly mouth-watering cuttlefish ink bun with a sweet flavour of the sea, a juicy salmon patty with both fresh and smoked salmon for depth, and dreamy, smooth and creamy horopito and lemon sauce. The perfect gourmet dinner! Get the recipe here.

13. Greek Egg-Lemon Chicken Soup

This Greek lemon chicken soup is comforting, fresh, and nourishing. It is a heavenly, velvety soup with a savoury chicken broth, orzo pasta, refreshing lemons and custardy eggs. This quick and easy soup could be made in 20 minutes, and only 4 ingredients required. Grab the recipe here.

14. Lemon Angel Hair Pasta with Hawke’s bay Mushrooms and Parsley Breadcrumbs. Vegan recipe.

Delicious vegan lunch or dinner in less than 20 minutes. Grab the recipe here.

15. Melon, Lime and Kimchi Gazpacho.

You can call it “Hangover Gazpacho soup” or “Savoury green smoothie” or “Probiotic Immunity Booster” or “Refreshing chilled summer soup”. You decide. 

The sweetness of the melon, the freshness of the cucumber, the acidic of the lime and the umami of kimchi creates this amazing flavour combination. This delicious savoury drink is a prebiotic powerhouse that will put you back on track after the holiday party and keep your good gut bacteria smiling. Grab the recipe here.

16. Choux Puffs with Smoked Salmon and Lemon Sauce.

Often used for profiteroles, choux pastry can also be prepared to hold a savoury filling. These salmon and lemon sauce savoury profiteroles are just what your next party (or tea party) needs. They are the perfect little bite to pop in your mouth between sips of Champagne or crisp white wine. Get the recipe here.

17. Light and Easy Baked Cod with Lemon Panko Gremolata.

Quick and easy fish weekday dinner meal, that will make your receptors singing. Serve this fragrant lemon and parsley fish with a fennel salad, couscous, or saffron rice. Grab the recipe here.

18. Candied Yuzu Kamo Kamo Recipe + Bonus: Incredible Yuzu Cake Recipe.

Candied kamo kamo with yuzu flavour. + Super rich and moist yuzu cake filled with candy-like yuzu and glazed with aromatic yuzu syrup. You can find both recipes here.

19. Pan-fried kimchi crumbled fish with mango-lime slaw.

There’s nothing like pan-fried fish – slightly crusty outside and perfectly flaky inside, it’s a mouth-watering meal. Umami-rich Freeze-dried kimchi seasoning will take this dish to the next level. Serve the fish with juicy Asian-style broccoli mango-lime slaw. Get the recipe here.

20. Smoky Vegetable Salad with Spicy Chicken. GF recipe.

Enjoy this delicious summer salad bursting with flavours of the Middle East and Ethiopia. Smoky tender char-grilled vegetables, nutty chickpea, perfumed preserved lemon, and fragrant herbs. The salad served with a super tender grilled chicken breast, pre-marinated in spicy Ethiopian sauce. Grab the recipe here.

21. Limoncello Panna Cotta with Burnt Lemon Syrup (gelatine-free recipe).

Enjoy this refreshing lemon dessert. Limoncello works beautifully in desserts, creating a bright, citrusy flavour. Grab the recipe here.

22. Saffron couscous with chicken, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, and horopito lemon sauce.

Winner winner chicken dinner. Meaty chicken thighs and smoky chorizo combined with flavourful saffron couscous to make a hearty one-pot meal. Chicken thigh meat remains juicier than breasts. Serve this dish with a dollop of creamy horopito and lemon sauce. The sauce makes the taste of this dish especially delicious. Get the recipe here.

23. Quick and Easy Lavender Lemon Honey Bliss Balls. GF, Refined Sugar-free Recipe.

Keep calm and stay healthy with these seriously delicious bliss balls. They are flavourful, moist, chewy and packed with healthy ingredients such as honey and lavender. Grab the recipe here.

24. Easy lemon posset with strawberry.

Cool and refreshing summer dessert with a luxuriously creamy texture and bright lemon flavour. Best served with fresh strawberry and crushed biscuits. Get the recipe here.

25. Yuzu Kosho. Spicy Funky Japanese Condiment.

Yuzu kosho will be your secret ingredient that will add the special flavour to your dish that is complex, with musky, spicy and herbaceous notes. As the most products of fermentation yuzu kosho will add the umami and depth of flavour to your dish. Grab the recipe here.

26. Lemon Lavender Cake with Honey Syrup.

A refreshing light cake made with aromatic lemon zest and olive oil with a light touch of lavender and floral honey. Grab the recipe here.

27. Sparkling Rose Water and Raspberry Lemonade (No refined sugar).

Add a floral touch to your favourite lemonade: easy and refreshing, it gives a twist to your drink thanks to rose water. Made with fresh fruits and honey (and NO refined sugar!), this simple recipe is the best lemonade you’ll ever taste! Get the recipe here.

28. Lemon, Poppy Seed and Turmeric Doughnuts. Dairy-free, GF recipe.

These lemon and poppy seed doughnuts are so rich and moist you will want to make many batches. They are lighter than regular doughnuts, baked not fried, and so easy to make. They are made with coconut yoghurt are perfect for any coconut lover. If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, coconut yoghurt can be incredibly useful for baking! Get the recipe here.

29. Roasted Baby Carrot and Quinoa Warm Salad. Vegetarian and GF Recipe.

This warm quinoa salad is all about balanced quinoa, mixed with caramelized baby carrots, toasted seeds, soft cheese, and some seasonal ingredients like oranges and mandarins. A healthy salad can be the nutritious and delicious same time. Grab the recipe here.

30. Lemon Chia Meringue Pie. Vegan, GF Recipe.

A crispy almond base, zesty creamy chia center, and caramelized fluffy meringue top make this a pie to die for. This dessert is real magic. It’s made without eggs and dairy products, only a few secret ingredients were used. Get the recipe and video here.


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